History of the Home

Built in 1995, the Irish Eagle was a labor of love for my parents who supervised every step of construction. They stood in the frame where the foundation would be poured and looked out onto the lake and dreamed of the day when they would be able to enjoy a roaring fire from the comfort of the living room they designed. They spent decades in this home together, eventually retiring here when summers on the lake were no longer enough.

Their vows were renewed in the living room of the home and when my husband and I were married, we honeymooned here.

When I was younger, I used to visit every summer. My mother owned a pontoon boat that we kept at Eagle Cove Marina. Each Saturday, we would head out on the boat for swimming, grilling and listening to music on the water. The smell of sunscreen and breakfast would fill the home as we packed up our things to head down to the marina to start our day. Coming back at night, I always looked forward to dinner with the family, a new movie on television or a game of cards and hitting the crisp white sheets for the night. On Sundays, I was always up before the others. Sunrise from the Eagle is especially beautiful and if you can catch it, it is something to behold.

When my girls were born I began the tradition of bringing them to the cabin. Their names are carved on a stone outside. No matter how many times we visit, they find something new to fall in love with every trip. I see the home through new eyes every time I watch them explore.

When health issues brought my parents closer to town, we purchased the home to keep it in the family. We decided to open it up to other families so they could enjoy it in the same way I did.

So much love has lived in this house, and continues to do so. We hope you will visit and experience it for yourself.