New roof, new insulation, new summer at the Eagle!

WOW! We replaced the roof this year at the Eagle and it was still running hot. Part of that has always been our life on the lake. We always thought a little of that was just the way the sun hits the roof when it slides over our little peninsula as it warms the water for the small mouth bass. But this summer, the heat inside was just getting… too hot. We replaced the A/C unit and still we were hitting almost 80 inside some days! Unacceptable for our renters!
So we looked at a few options and I thought it might be a good idea to look at our insulation since we hadn’t had that checked in a while.
Wow wow WOW! Classic Insulation of Cookeville came out and told us we had barely ANY insulation left upstairs! We’d been blowing all our air out into nowhere….. for forever! So we blew in the max and ever since? We have been super cool. Like Bruce Willis in Die Hard COOL! (Can insulation enable someone to protect Nakatomi plaza? If it could, this would have!)
Come see us and experience the kind of cool only an 80’s action movie can bring you.
Yippie ki yay a, energy loss!

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